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The best foot massage in Fort Myers  is just a hop, skip, and a jump away! At massage Fort Myers, Inc., our massage therapists are trained in foot massage and foot reflexology to provide you with the relaxation and pain relief that your feet often need after those long walks on the beach.  When vacationing here in Fort Myers, people often get more exercise than they are accustomed to and can sometimes overdo it, especially where their feet and ankles are concerned. Walking on the sand is not the same as walking on pavement and it can put a lot of stress on our feet. We have had a number of people tell us that the best part of their vacation was receiving a foot massage after a long day of shelling, boating, or golfing.

Get pampered with a relaxing foot massage

What are the Benefits of Foot Massage?

Foot massage can provide relief for many medical conditions including plantar fasciitis, restless leg syndrome, edema, joint pain, and even headaches.  The biggest benefit is simply its relaxing effect on the entire body. Foot massage promotes relaxation and lowers blood pressure. It is common for a patient to fall asleep while receiving a foot massage and it often revitalizes them for the rest of the day.

What is Foot Reflexology?

Foot reflexology is a special type of foot massage that involves the application of pressure to specific points on the feet in order to affect various other parts of the body. The nerve endings in the feet provide a “map” of the entire body and specific points on the feet correspond to specific muscle groups or bodily organs.  Foot reflexology promotes relaxation, eases tension, and improves circulation. It has been effective in the treatment of lymphedema, and a beneficial complementary treatment for neuropathy of the legs, feet, and toes.

Who should not receive foot massage?

Those suffering from diabetic neuropathy should consult their physician before receiving a foot massage. Also, pregnant women and anyone at risk for blood clots should seek medical advice before receiving a massage of the legs and feet. Those with varicose veins should avoid leg massages. For a more expanded list of massage contraindications please see our massage contraindications webpage.

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When you are ready to begin your TRUE vacation, please give us a call to schedule. We look forward to meeting you

When you are ready to begin your TRUE vacation, please give us a call to schedule. We look forward to meeting you